Therapy in English in Lyon

Espace Gestalt Lyon, located in Croix-Rousse (Lyon 4e), provides psychotherapy and couple therapy in English. Couples, adults and teenagers are welcome to contact me.

Gestalt therapy is probably the most well known form of humanistic psychotherapy in the world today, and is suitable for a wide range of problems. I can help you for instance in case of stress, anguish, depression, poor self-image and difficulties in intimate relations. I welcome clients of all nationalities, creeds and sexual orientations.

I also offer guiding in meditation and conversations specifically about the spiritual life.


I have worked as a Gestalt therapist in private practice since 2008. I am a cultural mix, double citizen, but mostly French. I am influenced by Zen, phenomenology, and the spiritual and existential perspective in our lives.

A few milestones on my path:

  • 2003: Teacher training in Indian classical yoga
  • 2008: Master of Science in Gestalt Psychotherapy, University of Derby
  • 2011: European Certificate of Psychotherapy
  • 2016-18: Training program in Gestalt therapy in group situation
  • 2019: Training in emotion-focused couple therapy, ICEEFT

International professional associations I am a member of:


I practice Gestalt psychotherapy, with its existential, experiential and experimental aspects. I look at the person who comes to therapy in her whole life situation and the life movement that manifests in her. I help the person to see more clearly her life world and her favorite strategies. I support and challenge as need be, in the service of more awareness, more responsibility and more fulfillment.


Usually a first session enables us to see if we want to engage in a therapy work or not. We then consider the objective or wished change that the client(s) brings and go from there. In the sessions, therapist and client(s) are facing each other, in contact with each other. The process itself has a beginning (getting to know each other and starting to have some trust), a middle (truly coming in the heart of the matter, potentially touching on sensitive points on the way to new experiences) and an ending (deciding to stop or pause).


65€ per hour (individual therapy) — 90€ for 75min (couple therapy). Possibility of a reduced rate for smaller budgets. Any appointment missed or cancelled less than 24h before set time (48h for couples) is due.